Monday, December 10, 2012

Fab Maternity Clothes from ASOS

Now that I am 20 wks pregnant with baby number 2, I have been getting back into my maternity clothes.  Though it has only been 3 years since my first, I have found that styles have really changed.  Skinny pants really rule now and I am in need of a few new maternity pieces to last me until the end.

I recently discovered ASOS maternity.  They have some amazing maternity clothes that don't scream maternity.  Finding stylish yet reasonable maternity clothes still is difficult but ASOS has managed to do both.  I am in love with so many of their clothes that picking is going to be difficult.

Here are a few of my favorites:

This would be my go to everyday outfit. Comfy yet stylish and the tank would add support.

This next outfit would be a great Shower/Dinner with the girls outfit, but still would be comfy!

This would be ideal to smooth everything out under the dress.

And for a HOT Date night outfit - I LOVE this one.  Looks so stylish and non-maternity!

There are some many great options on the ASOS site.  I think I have quite a few things to add to my Christmas list this year!