Thursday, May 1, 2008

Meet the Neighbors

I moved into my house about 3 years ago. I bought during early construction phases and picked everything out, customizing it to be perfect. I thought it was such a fun experience. It really is a great neighborhood, with monthly happy hours, summer picnics, huge Halloween parties for kids, but it is very couple/new family oriented. I was always odd man out at the events being single. Unfortunately, since I have been with Mr. P we always have plans during the last few picnics and happy hours. Hopefully, we'll start to attend these events soon as the newly married couple.

The house next door to us has been on the market for 2 years. The original owners decided to get a divorce 3 months after moving in. I never met them and never ever saw them. It has been odd not knowing or even seeing my neighbors. He even lived there while it was on the market and I still never met or saw him over the past 2 years. (yeah the market isn't great, but the house has an odd backyard too)

Well the house finally sold!! The new people moved in a couple of weeks ago, but being the bad neighbor I kept putting off taking something over and welcoming them until it really was too late. Thankfully, they stopped by yesterday to introduce themselves and find out about putting in a fence (Mr. P and I have talked about it, but if they put it in first that is just 1 less side we'll have to pay for :) ) They seem like such a great couple. She is expecting their first baby in about 4 months. We've planned to get together and grill out for dinner in a couple of weeks.

Hopefully, we'll hit it off and be great neighbors/friends. I sound like a silly schoolgirl, but making couple friends is kind of hard. And I've always wanted to live in a great neighborhood, where I know my neighbors and the kids hang out together playing.

Ok, I should settle down and not get so excited, but so far things are looking better than the last neighbors. I promise that I'll bring them dinner and a baby gift over when new baby is born.


Buford Betty said...

That is great - good neighbors are so important! I know what you mean about feeling a little out of place. We're practically the only couple without kids in our 'hood (aside from empty-nesters). So I definitely feel a little out of the loop sometimes.

Kelly said...

Thanks for your comment! How exciting that you are getting married soon! And how neat that we have the same initials (for now). I was glad to get my married name because my maiden name was so common - I was always having mix-ups with people who had the same name.
I am bad about meeting my neighbors too. We are one of the only houses without kids so it makes us odd men out!